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LTFP086 – Setting Expectations

In this episode we shall address the importance of setting clear expectations with the people around us. MORE RESOURCES: For all your Financial Training, Personal Development and Leadership Training needs, visit Subscribe via iTunes: Subscribe via Stitcher: Subscribe via Android: Posts:LTFP085 Conscious Mind and Subconscious MindLTFP082 Accountability with a ScoreboardLTFP081: The Word Of GodLTFP078: Divine GuidanceLTFP080: A Thousand Times More Blessings


LTFP060: Learn To Say Goodbye

In this episode we will address some phases of life including, saying good bye. Not everyone you start the life journey with will stay with you till the end. The process is too long, too demanding, requiring us to give everything we have got (resources, time, strength), and not everyone is ready to pay the [ ]Related Posts:LTFP059: Withstanding AdversityLTFP041: Luke 9v29 Morning Motivation and PrayerLTFP051: Building Your FaithLTFP058: Dealing with Emotional BaggageLTFP056: Invest In Yourself

LTFP040: Greatness is in Your Uniqueness

In this episode we will address the importance of understanding your uniqueness. When you copy others, you may risk living your whole life as a copy of someone else Your role on this planet is unique to you Show up and show off your uniqueness Many will misunderstand you because of your differences You have [ ]Related Posts:Good and Perfect Gifts:LTFP022: Vision, Money and MotivationOvercoming Fear of the UnknownTop 10 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleSimple Networking Ideas for Finding a New Job

LTFP039: Creating New Rules For Yourself

In this episode we will address the importance of creating our own rules in a world that operates on rules. References: Total Access Membership  The Dan Sullivan Question by Dan Sullivan The Multiplier Mindset Podcast with Dan Sullivan Related Posts:LTFP014: Creating Self-Discipline with Life & MoneyLTFP025: Living In View Of EternityLTFP015: Information OverloadLTFP017: Battlefield Of The MindLTFP022: Vision, Money and Motivation