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Submission To Authority

The act of “submission” has been negatively represented for a longtime. The act of submission is neutral. Submission has been misused by individuals who have hyper egos, pride, rejection issues, jealous, lack of self control etc… thus making submission a no go zone for many. I have come to under, submission to authority whether it’s [ ]Related Posts:LTFP009: Where Do Broken Hearts GoLTFP082 Accountability with a ScoreboardWe are all Self-Employed7 Ways to Change Your Personal Finance MindsetLetting Go Of Fear: Commonly Asked Questions


LTFP055: Act and Think Like An Olympian

In this episode we will observe some elements of peak performance that olympians use to be the best of the best. 1. Develop the gifts and talents 2. Engage in deliberate practice 3. Focus on one thing 4. Mastery in a specific area 5. Use proper tools 6. Have coaches, experts and encouraging environment Self [ ]Related Posts:LTFP046: RoadTrip Through LifeStrengthsFinder: Uncovering your Natural-Born StrengthWe are all Self-EmployedIt’s Time to Set SMART GoalsVideo Games Aren’t So Bad After All